Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Nursery!

We have a new topic this term and our essential question is ‘What is the best job in the world?’. We will be taking a magic train ride to travel in order to find out what different jobs and occupations the world has to offer in order to answer our question.

Our classroom has completely transformed! Here is a little taster…


Harry’s Home

This week the children have been listening to the story ‘Harry’s Home’. The story is about a little boy who travels from his home in the city to his Grandad’s home in the country. We have been comparing the two including making 3D homes! We used these to create a large story map.

We were very good at retelling the story, we even created our own story maps! We also acted out the story using our bodies to move in different ways. We had to travel over a bumpy road in the taxi, over the waves on a boat in the see, through the tunnel on the train and use our arms as wheels on the bus.

On Friday, we were shown a map! On the map were the different vehicles from the story. We had to help Harry using the Beebot to get from his home to his Grandad’s house! We learnt how to navigate the beebot by clicking forwards, backwards, left and right and also learnt how to clear its memory. It was very tricky but we made it! Well done Nursery!

Hovis the Hedgehog

On our carpet we noticed there were lots of Autumn things including pine cones and conkers. We discovered that there was a hedgehog hiding underneath! He had been very afraid because it was his home and he was worried it was going to be set alight by the bonfire. The children created new homes for Hovis using lots of different materials in the modelling area. We talked about the shapes and sizes of the models as well as how we could make it comfortable and cozy for him.

The children have also enjoyed lots of other Firework themed activities this week! They have created some wonderful artwork for our wall.

Elmer the elephant visits Nursery!

We have enjoyed reading the story of Elmer this week. We have learnt all about the importance of friendships and learning about what makes us unique. We have been drawing and painting self-portraits as well as lots of maths activities linking the Elmer including colours, shapes, sorting and catergorising.

We received a letter from Elmer telling us that Elmer and her friends had so much fun playing and rolling around that they lost all of their shapes! We had to sort the shapes in different ways by colour, by big and small and by type of shape. There was even a baby elephant and we needed to find all the circle and square pieces! This was very tricky but the children did so well and were such a good help! This made Elmer very happy!